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Filter Performance Data at Your Fingertips: Sensor360®


Key Filtration Performance Metrics Instantly Monitored and Displayed

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A next-generation monitoring and facility management tool, Sensor360 enables the customer to understand and plan their air filter performance and maintenance in an entirely new way. Sensor360 is the first IoT (Internet of Things) patented technology platform that demonstrates the effectiveness of a building’s filtration system by monitoring particulate levels. Additionally, by monitoring pressure drop, the facility manager can determine the changeout point for the building’s filters that offers the best value and energy efficiency.

First, battery-powered sensors are installed, to measure both particulate concentration before the air is filtered, and to measure particulates in filtered air. Pressure monitors are integrated into the building's current air handlers to record data and provide a convenient way for the facility manager to monitor air filter performance, including when the optimal filter changeout point is approaching. All these sensors connect to a network gateway that in turn communicates (via the cloud) to an app installed on the user’s phone, tablet, or computer. An air quality monitoring display can also be placed in the lobby or another prominent location within the building.

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Information about air filter performance is then as simple as consulting the Sensor360 mobile phone app, which can be customized with user-defined alerts. Sensor360 offers instantaneous monitoring of a filter system's performance, automatically tracking pressure drop and PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 particulate levels. This eliminates the need to manually audit and collect filter data from the facility’s air handling systems, giving the user the ability to resolve potential IAQ. issues before they negatively affect building occupants by receiving an alert from the Sensor360 app that particulate levels are at an unacceptable concentration.

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The Air Quality is Clear

In addition, building occupants are able to see the quality of the filtered air they are breathing, by consulting Sensor360 lobby kiosks that display both indoor and outdoor air particulate levels. The lobby kiosks enable anyone who sets foot in the facility to know that they are entering a clean, healthy environment. This has the potential to improve worker productivity and job satisfaction, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Once freed from operating in a reactive capacity to occupant complaints by utilizing Sensor360, facility managers can now address their maintenance backlog and ensure high facility IAQ. No other building automation system or monitoring tool currently in the marketplace offers this combination of rich filtration data and ease of use. With Sensor360, the user can optimize preventive maintenance scheduling, decrease deferred maintenance, save money, reduce risk, and gain time.

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