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Airex Filter Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of
air filters, water filters, HEPA, HVAC, carbon and specialty filtration products
for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Data Centers, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Government and Municipality, Contractors, Distributor partners.

We specialize in custom and odd size air filters built to your exact specifications and Shipped Fast! 


Airex Filter Corporation is a local company specializing in the manufacturing of common and odd size filters. Whether you are looking for a fiberglass panel filter, a pleated filter, a cartridge filter or a HEPA filter, we have them in stock. We stock over 300,000 combined standard size filters ready for immediate delivery. Our stock includes economy, standard and high capacity pleats in a MERV 8, 11 and 13 rated values. When a stock item is shipped from our inventory, a work order is automatically generated to replace the item within a 24 hour period. All standard stock orders are available to ship the same day by a common carrier. If you prefer delivery by one of our trucks and are willing to wait for the next delivery to your area, we will deliver for a fee considerably less than that of a common carrier. 


With the continued improvements in filtration media technology, our MERV 8 pleated filters rate one of the lowest in resistance to air pressure in the industry. The result is a huge energy savings for the consumer. 


Although Airex is a manufacturer, we also stock and sell many products made by other well known manufacturers. We are a large, local stocking distributer for many well known national companies. We carry a complete stock of Econocell and Econocell II filters in efficiencies up to 95%. Also available are the Superflow V, Superflow Quad, Bag Filters, Cell Filters and HEPA filters in the standard and high capacity. HEPA filters are available with wood, heavy galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel framing in 95% to 99.99% efficiencies. 


Located in Hudson, New Hampshire, Airex Filter Corporation, has been serving customers for over 40 years. As a manufacturer of air filters and air filtration products, we know the importance of providing quality products and technical support in local and global markets. We have always been committed to the environment and continue to seek alternative uses for recycled materials without compromise to the quality and performance of our products. We stand ready to meet all of your filtration needs. Our staff is ready to answer questions concerning your filtration needs and assist in exploring your options for cost-effective filtration management. Upon request, our representatives are available for on-site assessments and can provide information for your custom order. We are capable of delivery throughout New England when common carriers are not an option.

Our main office/manufacturing plant is located at 17 Executive Drive in Hudson, New Hampshire. It is a 78,000 square foot facility where we manufacture, produce and ship many different filtration units. This facility specializes in the manufacturing of standard size filters utilizing semi-automated lines and state-of-the-art equipment. We also maintain a large inventory of higher efficiency rigid cells, bags and HEPA filters of all common sizes for quick turn around and delivery. 

Our second plant, opened in early 2011, and is located at 19 Executive Drive in Hudson New Hampshire. It is a 24,000 square foot facility. With the growing demand for a higher quality, custom sized filters, we strictly manufacture all custom size filters at this facility.

Finding solutions to tough filtration problems, and optimizing filter performance, are among the reasons customers put their trust in Airex Filter Corporation. Our decades of HVAC, air filtration, clean room and liquid filtration experience is second to none in the industry.

Data Centers, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Government and Municipality, Contractors, Distributor partners.

Airex Filter Corporation team
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