NEED A CUSTOM SIZE? Visit our online store: The NEW 62-R MERV 8 Carbon Combo (62RCCP) pleated filters are available in a wide range of sizes for all commercial, industrial and residential applications. The new Intreped 508GP media has a first stage electrostatically charged media designed to attract and hold airborne contaminants providing excellent particulate filtration while protecting the second stage carbon media from particulate loading to ensure maximum odor removal capability. The downstream layer is optimized for rapid adsorption and retention of gaseous contaminants from the air stream. The carbon combination provides an effective solution for the removal of noxious odors, gases, and many other airborne contaminants which can cause potential health risks associated with poor indoor air quality. This results in a higher efficient filter , 59% @ 1-3 micron, based on ashrae standard 52.2, with the added protection of a carbon media without sacrificing airflow. Initial resistance of a 2� deep filter is just .42� w.g. @ 500 FPM and an average dust spot efficiency of over 35%. The enclosing frame of the 62RCCP is constructed of a rigid, heavy duty moisture resistant beverage board. The support members are an integral part of the frame and are bonded to each pleat on both sides to insure pleat spacing and stability. The filter pack is bonded to the inside periphery of the frame, thus eliminating the possibility of air bypass. The media support grid is an expanded wire with an effective open area of not less than 96%. The wire grid is bonded to the air leaving side of the carbon filter media to eliminate the possibility of media oscillation and media pull away.

Airex 15x20x2 Carbon MERV 8 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter, Box of 3

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